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" As a student under Mr. Chandran I learned an incredible amount in preparation for my SAT. With his help and the help of the other teachers in this school, I was able to improve my SAT score by over 100 points. I also got into my top two colleges because of his help. He is very flexible with scheduling and genuinely wants his students to succeed. "

-Danielle Bacalhau

" Dr. Ravi Chandran from AE2 learning has been instrumental in shaping up solid grades for my kids. My son earned a high SAT score and good scores in subject level tests in math and chemistry. Faculty member Chitra is remarkable in her guidance for Biology. My daughter is in JP Stevens high school and taking tutoring classes at AE2. She is showing good results in school tests. Teaching methods and the quality of the tutors make AE2 a good place for students to excel in academics. "

-Madhavi G

" Mr. Ravi Chandran helped me very much in school subjects such as algebra, geometry, and even SAT preparation. He gives very good feedback and when stuck on a problem he guides you through it instead of just showing you the answer. As I've been tutored by Mr. Ravi for 4 years I have exceeded all the topics we discussed in school since we always go ahead and make it easier. In 5th grade we prepared for the Math Olympiad with several weeks worth of practice. This paid off as I came in first for the state. I have learned a lot from Mr. Ravi throughout these years, as he's been a great teacher. "

-Adesh Bala

" I was a student at AE2Learning where Dr. Chandran helped me improve my SAT score drastically. We had class every week in which he would do his best to help me fix my mistakes and improve myself in Math. He was always enthusiastic and patient with me and would make sure that I understood a problem fully before moving on. I'm very thankful about that and would recommend him to anyone who needs help. "

-Foram Pare

" We approached Dr. Ravi Chandran for academic enrichment for our kids and it has been a positive experience with him. His approach to learning, insights into achieving academic excellence is commendable. We look forward to working with him long term. "

-Kartik S.

" Dr. Chandran has been very helpful to me and my academic challenges since day 1. Math is like a White canvas. You can do so many things with it, but people just don't see the applications. However, Dr. Chandran helped me see those applications very well. He has helped get my math Grade up from a B to an A. He also has helped me do a lot of challenging problems, as they will help you in the real world. Also, the English teachers have been very helpful. They have helped me get higher English scores such as on vocab quizzes and tests. I just recently got a 98 and 92 on vocab quizzes and tests. Overall, AE2 learning is very helpful in all aspects of academic education. I would definitely recommend it to people. "

-Varad Donwad

" I have been learning with Dr. Chandran for about a year now. In that span of a year, my understanding of algebra has increased, and now I am much more confident in it. After taking tutions with Dr. Chandran my grades have increased astronomically, and I got a high final average. He never hesitated to take an extra class so I could study before a test. Overall, he is a great teacher and would highly recommend him to anyone. "

-Apurv Jayakumar

" I have been going to Dr. Chandran for the past 6 months to improve my SAT score. Dr. Chandran has helped me each week and trying his best to improve my score. His help and dedication has made my score exceed to a 1560 from a 1160. Thanks to Dr. Chandran and all the English teachers, my score has boosted. "

-Nishith Shah

" Dr. Chandran has always been integral to my academic success. During SAT prep, I started off at around 1700. In the following months through vigilant individualized monitoring, he always made sure to do whatever was possible and open to my suggestions to improve my score. He tried different teachers, different tests, and different concentration of timing on each of the old SAT subjects. He would never hesitate to send more practice as needed as I personally work at a faster rate than others. Because of Dr. Chandran, my score ballooned to 2300 on the October 2015 examination. This puts me in a much better position, especially for college admissions. Also, when I came to Dr. Chandran for help in an effort to go to Calculus BC the final year. In a span of one marking period, he improved not only my grades, but my confidence eventually landing me to Calculus BC for senior year. I would strongly recommend AE2Learning and Dr. Chandran to not only improve mental confidence but also academic aptitude. "

-Sapan Shah

" Dr. Ravi Chandran has been very instrumental in enhancing my son's math skills. He took a personal interest in ensuring that my son succeeded and attained his objective of moving to the next level in Math. I thank and appreciate the support and guidance provided by him. "

-Salma Virani

" Dr. Chandran has helped my brother and I very much with math. He has constantly pushed us to be our best and has always helped us with any issues or any problems. He is a great teacher and has definitely helped us both very much. "

-Ajitesh Balasubramanian

" I have just recently joined with Dr. Chandran. He is an amazing teacher who inspires me to do my best everyday. My grades are improving a lot since I have joined with him. Also, I started taking English classes with Ms. Shah (one of the English teachers). I did so well with her guidance that I moved up to the higher level of English. I want to thank both of them for their support. "

-Sanjana Chitnis

" Dr. Chandran has helped me understand topics better, stay ahead of the class, and adjust myself to the rigorous atmosphere of high school Math honors classes. "

-Karan Menon

" I have been a student in math class with Dr. Chandran for about a year now. He has consistently helped me with any upcoming quizzes or assignments in math class. He ensures that I work my hardest and get a good grade on the assignment. I can always count on him to assist me in upcoming math challenges that come in school. Now that I am in high school I think Dr. Chandran will be a great addition to my learning experience in math for the next four years. "

-Aditya Srikanth

" I have been attending Dr. Chandran's classes since 8th grade, and have improved significantly in math. Thanks to him, I was able to stay ahead of my class and develop a deeper understanding of algebra, geometry and calculus. I was also able to receive a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam due to his help. I thank Dr. Chandran for his support and assistance during these past 5 years. "

-Chithra Subramonian

" I have been working with Dr. Chandran since the summer of my Freshman year in High school and I can say without a doubt that with his help I have been able to excel in school. I am currently a senior, and Dr. Chandran has been with me throughout my High School journey, supporting me every step of the way. I took classes with Dr. Chandran in order to boost my SAT Score and with additional assistance from Ms. Shah, who helped me on the reading and writing section, I received a score of 2250 with a 12 on the essay. I would like to thank Dr. Chandran for all of his assistance and support. "

-Rutvik Ashtikar

" Dr. Chandran has been very helpful to me throughout my time in high school. He has been able to accommodate my learning style, and personalize the teaching to match my needs. I am thankful for his continuous support through my high school math courses, as well as all of his help in preparing me for the SAT. "

-Abhishek Aravind

Math Olympiad Highest Individual Scorer

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